Intel’s Early Access Program (EAP)

Intel’s Early Access Program (EAP) was designed to support independent software vendors (ISV’s). If you are not an ISV, the Intel Software Developer Network will be a good resource for you.

Listed below are the benefits of EAP.

The Early Access Program is Intel Developer Service's comprehensive web-based resource, helping developer’s take advantage of the processing power available from cutting-edge Intel processors. Some of the highlights include the use of a next generation development system, software optimization tools, training courses, technical support, business development, marketing and promotional activities. Please look over the website as it goes into greater detail about the opportunities, as well as the advantages of being in the program.

Costs associated with the Early Access Program: There is an annual membership fee of $500.00.

ISV’s can register for EAP by following these steps below:

These agreements require a Director or higher signature

Go to

Click on the Blue “Enroll Now” on the Right hand side of the screen. In the Members Options Box

You will be directed to the Intel Login page. Click on the blue “click here to register.”

Put your information in the appropriate fields (the password is case sensitive and requires at least one number and special character...Example: * / + etc.)

Fill in all the fields marked with a blue asterisk.

To gain access to the program, the contact person must have a job title of Director or higher. Examples of job titles are VP, President, CEO, CTO, CIO, etc. Due to sensitive information that will be traded, this requirement protects your company and Intel. Once your company is a member of the Early Access Program, a different contact person within your company can work with the Intel account manager.

When all three pages are completed, click on “Finished”.

Check the boxes of all the programs you are interested in participating and click "Continue".

This page will ask if you already have a CNDA and IPLA agreement with Intel. Please click “NO” for both, since these online agreements are newer and updated. It will ask you “How do you expect to perform your optimization/porting” put Unsure at this Point. Then click "Continue".

This next page gives you two options: Choose “Option 1 - Online click through” or “Option 2 - Download, Print, and Mail” by checking the box next to the desired option. Click the “Continue” button after choosing one of the options. Option 1 is preferred and will expedite your membership process. This is where the VP (or higher) title is required.

If you choose the click through membership agreements, you must check the “I accept” box located directly below the text.

After completing all membership agreement pages, you will find yourself on a “Membership Agreements” page thanking you and a bunch of other great stuff. At the bottom of this page you will have three options to choose from and a continue button. Choose the “Go to My Early Access Program Home Page” and click “Continue”. At this point it will give you the option to download the agreements that you just signed.

You have now completed the Registration process! Please email me so that I may inform our Administrator that your application has been submitted.

Please contact me with any questions/comments/concerns. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards,

Jared Gibbons
Intel Corporation


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