Monday, March 06, 2006

Microsoft - Cisco Partnership

Microsoft and Cisco have entered into a partnership to develop products for voice and data collaboration, targeting business uesrs. The overall package includes 30 products, most of which are enhancements or updates to existing technologies, but 3 of them are entirely new:

  1. The Cisco Unified Presence Server collects information about a user's availability status (such as whether they're on the phone or on a computer at any given time).
  2. The Cisco Unified Client, a program that allows users to make desktop video calls as well as sort, view and play messages on their PCs.
  3. The Cisco Unified Customer Interaction Analyzer, a service that can be used in contact centers, which can analyze the tone of a customer's voice as well as how and where to route a call.
The two companies will work together to integrate Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 and Microsoft Office Live Communications technologies with Cisco's Unified Communications System.

The package of tools will allow customers to move between instant messaging or phone sessions, as well as launch or answer calls from within the Office Communicator. Customers can also choose to start a call from either the computer or telephone. The companies expect the interoperable package of tools to be available in August 2006.

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