Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

[SHIFT ]+ [ALT] + [ENTER] = Toggle Full Screen Mode; I'm sure this works in all versions, but I haven't tested it, as I'm running the 1.1 framework. I'm told it also continues to work in Whidbey.

[CTRL]+[i] = Incremental Search. I've stopped using [CTRL]+[F] to find. Incremental search works without a dialog box, and searches as you type. So you're in a class, and you want to find the word public.

[CTRL]+[i] puts you into Incremental Search Mode, now just start typing. When you've found what you're looking for press [ESC] to get out of incremental search mode. Remember the famous [F3] is find again, and works with this incremental search also.

[CTRL] + [-] = Move cursor back to it's last position. This works great when working with large pages. I commonly will [CTRL]+[Home] to enter a Using statement, then [CTRL]+[-] brings me rights back to my previous edit point.

[CTRL] + [}] = Toggle to Open/Close { }. This is great. If you're working with nested code (who doesn't) then you'll use this constantly. Place your cursor on any { or } and press [CTRL] + [}] and your cursor will jump to the opposite end of your code block.

[CTRL] + [C] = Copy.[CTRL] + [V] = Paste. Of course we all know that combination, but here's the trick. Copy two items in succession. You might know that these items are placed on a "Clipboard Ring" You can access them from the UI but that entails thinking, and clicking and dragging. [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[V] = Paste whatever is on top of the "Clipboard Ring". If you press [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[V] again, since your pasted code is still highlighted, it will be replaced with the second item, and again, will be the third, etc. How many times do you have to copy two or three items from one page to another (none if you're refactoring; right)?

[CTRL]+[ALT]+[P] = Show Processes. This is a great, fast way to open the processes window. Why do that? Use it daily to attach to the worker process. This let's you dive 15 pages deep into a web application, and attach to the process, so you don't have to run through the 15 pages every time you debug.

[CTRL]+[ALT]+[R] = Launch MSDN Home Page

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