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Special October Meeting

Stephen Toub from the Parallel Computing Platform team at Microsoft will be presenting at the Cleveland C#/VB.Net User Group on Thursday, October 29, 2009. Please note this meeting date is in addition to, not replacing, our regularly scheduled meeting every 4th Tuesday (October 27, 2009).

He will be travelling through our district the last week of October. He will be speaking at corporations during the day, and user groups in the evening. Stephen's goal is to get direct feedback from developers on the products he works on. Your questions and feedback help make .NET better!

Stephen will discuss concurrency and how .NET 4.0 simplifies parallel programming. This is one of the exciting things about .NET 4.0. With Moore’s Law breaking down, software developers need to be able to master multithreading and know how to develop concurrent applications. Historically, this has been very difficult. It’s hard to understand concurrency issues, hard to write good code, and hard to debug wh…