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*** Great Lakes Geek Freebie Software - Today Only ***

*** Great Lakes Geek Freebie Software - Today Only ***

Download NTI Ninja software free on 9/26NewTech Infosystems (NTI) is making their new Ninja software - a USB data storage and protection software solution - available free.Unlike most fixed partition USB software, NTI Ninja allows users to adjust the size of their public and private partitions on their portable storage device. In addition, the software provides users with complete storage area anti-tamper encryption and password protection.The new software was developed to meet the dramatic increase in today's mobile workforce, the increased use of USB storage devices and the need to protect content and data from being stolen or compromised on the small, portable devices.Get it on the 26th for free or pay $24.95 after that.The link is at

*** More Freebies ***
While you are in the mood for free stuff, check out the Free Book on Security Engineering. Ross Anderson is a professor of security engineering…

FAQ about the latest IE bug

Listed below are a set of FAQ questions surrounding the new IE bug.

What's the problem? A vulnerability newly discovered in Microsoft Internet Explorer could allow an attacker to take over a targeted machine -- even a machine whose patches are all up to date.

What's it called? The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures list tentatively designates this vulnerability as CVE-2006-4868. McAfee calls it Exploit-VMLFill; Trend Micro calls it EXPL_EXECOD.A; Symantec calls it Trojan.Vimalov, reflecting its probable Russian origin. SecurityFocus assigns it a Bugtraq ID of 20096.

Which programs and versions are affected? Internet Security Systems reports that the flaw affects all versions of IE that include support for VML, which means Versions 5 and 6, though tests so far have generally looked at Version 6. There have been no reports of the attack working on IE 7. Recent versions of Outlook and Outlook Express are also vulnerable, as are all versions and service packs for Windows 2000 and X…

Does MOSS 2007 support folders?

Q: I was wondering if document libraries in SharePoint 2007 support folders within them. Does MOSS 2007 support folders?

A: Yes, MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) does support folders within a document library (see screen caption below). To create a folder, simply click "New" and select "New Folder".


As discussed during our last meeting, SharePoint 2007 has many new features. And as with any new feature, some confusion is bound to be included. Two of those new features are ODC and BDC. To help clear some of the confusion around these 2 items, here's a brief explanation of the two.

ODC (Office Data Connection) is used to connect Excel Services to a specific database, without making the user remember userID, password, DB Name, server name, etc. Instead, all these items are stored in an XML format file with the extension name .ODC. The .ODC file can be created by using the Excel client to create the file, then upload the file to a Data Connection Library. Once uploaded, a user simply refers to the ODC file, where all connection string parameters are stored. The data connection can then be used by various Excel Web Parts to display the data and KPIs. To read more about the ODC, go to

BDC (Business Data Catalog) is an…

Spreadsheet Web Part Add-In for Microsoft Office Excel 2003

During our last meeting we discussed SharePoint 2007 and how Excel Services is one of it's big features. I recenly found a web part that enables the use of Excel 2003 with Windows SharePoint Services.

The Spreadsheet Web Part Add-In for Microsoft® Office Excel 2003 makes it easy to design your own Spreadsheet Web Parts and save them to a site based on Microsoft Windows® SharePoint™ Services.

For more information or to download the Excel web part, click here.

What is WinFX?

Q: What is WinFX?

A: WinFX is an Object Oriented set of APIs that leverage the .Net Framework and expose that breadth of the Longhorn OS to developers. WinFX contains .Net Framework(FW) and is available in managed code. It builds on and extends the .Net FW

As the name may suggest, WinFX consists of 2 major parts:
1. WIN (Windows): Win32 APIs.
2. FX (Framework): speaks to .Net Framework

There are 4 Portions of WinFX
1. Presentation
2. Data
3. Communications
4. Fundamentals

In addition, WinFX offers functionality from other systems:
Avalon fucntionality is in the System.Windows namespace. This is the new presentation SubSystem for Longhorn.ASP.Net and Indigo functionality are both in the System.Web namespace. Indigo is the new technology for web services.WinFS functionality is in the System.Storage namespace. It contains relational aspects of the file system.Yukon Functionality for database access is in System.Data.SQL Server namespace