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Using the "Shrink Volume" Utility

One of the best kept secrets of Windows 7 is the "Shrink Volume" utility. TechNet Documentation explains it best at Although, this link explains how to use it, it does not list all the advantages of using it.  That will be my goal for this article.

The utility will shrink the current volume, leaving all files intact, without a problem.  Although I used this utility many times in the past without issue, I still highly recommend performing a full back-up before using it.  After all, a good backup is always the best insurance against any unforeseen issue.

This free utility allows you to shrink a large volume on your hard drive that is not fully utilized.  For example, most developers have large hard drives.  In most cases, they probably have more than 100GB of unused space.  In addition, they most likely have a need to install additional OS for trial or multi-use purposes.  By using the Shrink Volume utility, you can n…

December Events

Local Events
12/04: ON SQL User Group (
12/11: Cleveland .Net User Group (
12/18: Cleveland WPF User Group (
12/19: Hudson Software Craftsmanship (  

Regional/Online Events
12/04: Training on the T’s SQL Webinars (
12/08: CODODN-Columbus (

Area Events

Local Events
 10/02: ON SQL User Group (
10/09: Cleveland .Net User Group (
10/16: Cleveland WPF User Group (
10/16: Office 365 Great Lakes User Group (
10/23: Cleveland C#/VB.Net User Group (

Regional Events
10/05: SharePoint UG Golf outing at Quail Hollow (
10/06: SQLSaturday 171-Pittsburgh (
10/25-26: m3 conference (
10/27: SQL Saturday 174-Charlotte (
11/8-9: Dogfood Conference (
11/17: 1DevDay-Detroit (
12/08: CODODN-Columbus (
12/08: SQL Saturday 173-DC (