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Array of Tuples

Q: How would use tuples in C# 4.0 to create an array of tuples containing various types of data (i.e. Employee Name, Employee ID#)?

A: Listed below is a sample code snippet to implement an array of tuples.

//Array of Tuples (i.e. EmpName, EmpIDNum)
Tuple[] EmpRecs =
Tuple.Create("Sam Nasr", 891),
Tuple.Create("Jim Smith", 358),
Tuple.Create("Lisa Jones", 962)

string FirstEmpName = EmpRecs[0].Item1;

string SecondEmpName = EmpRecs[1].Item1;
int SecondEmpIDNum = EmpRecs[1].Item2;

More information can be found at

MVVM Resources

Tonight's Cleveland WPF User Group meeting will continue last month's discussion on MVVM. For those who missed June's meeting, the following resources are available to help prepare for tonight's meeting:
• MVVM Overview (June’s Presentation):
• MVVM, a WPF UI Design Pattern(17min video):
• Problems and Solutions with Model-View-ViewModel:
• WPF x FileExplorer x MVVM:

For directions to the Cleveland WPF User Group, please visit

Local & Regional Events

Local Events
June 22: Cleveland C#/VB.Net User Group Meeting (
June 23: Cleveland SharePoint User Group Meeting (
June 24: Cleveland IT Martini (
July 16: Cleveland Give Camp (
July 24: TechNic 2010 (Heidi Hooper -

Regional Events
June 26: SQL Saturday-Columbus (
June 25-26: CodeStock (
August 5-7: DevLink (

Toughest Developer Puzzle Ever

So you think you're a hot shot developer able to resolve every problem that comes your way. Put your skills to the test by visiting The site offers 100 levels of varying difficutly. To maneuver through the levels, you have to examine the page for cllues that will allow you to go to the next levels. Some pages have a hidden link, others require you change the URL manually, etc.

The site is scheduled to launch on May 31 and offers great prizes for the first 100 people to complete it, with excpetionally great prizes for the first 5! Put your thinking caps and visit!

T3CHn!c 2010 - Bringing the Northeast Ohio Technical Community Together

The 2nd annual TechNic will build on the camaraderie of the boundless IT community of Northeast Ohio with the support of companies and organizations by providing a free event for attendees to simply enjoy a summer day of classic picnic fun and activities.

Last year’s event brought together over 200 attendees and 20 supporting companies from around the globe! Pictures of last year's event can be seen here.

We hope that your organization becomes a part of T3CHn!c TM 2010. Feel free to include your friends, family, employees, customers, clients, partners, prospects, and their friends and families, too!

Logos of supporting organizations will be displayed on all announcements. Consistent mention and messaging on behalf of supporters will be made through social media and other public relations, with a higher level of promotion for top sponsors. Banners and other means of visibility will be displayed at the event.

Suggested donation guidelines:
$200 +.....................................T3CHn…

Regional .Net Events

Listed below are upcoming regional events relating to .Net

April 17: Pittsburgh Code Camp (

April 20: Cleveland WPF User Group –RIA Services by Chris Woodruff (

April 27: Cleveland C#/VB.Net User Group - Architecture tools in Visual Studio 2010 by Cameron Skinner (Microsoft) (

April 28: Cleveland SharePoint User Group (

May 1: Ann Arbor Day of .Net (

May 1: Chicago Code Camp (

May 7: Stir Trek (

June 25-26: Code Stock (

June 26: Columbus SQL Saturday (

August 5-7: DevLink (