Friday, November 25, 2005


What is it?
W32Sober@MM!M681 is a newly introduced medium risk virus. It's a variant of W32/Sober.gen@MM, W32/Sober@MM!M681 is another mass-mailing worm hiding inside a spam email attachment. When run, the virus displays a fake error message, infects the host computer then sends itself to stolen email addresses. Note: VirusScan users with the latest DAT file are protected from this threat.

What should I look for?
FROM: Varies
Examples: Registration Confirmation; Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie; hi, ive a new mail address BODY: Example: hey its me, my old address dont work at time. i dont know why?! in the last days ive got some mails. i' think thaz your mails but im not sure! How do I know if I've been infected?
Fake error message ("Error in packed Header") displayed. Outgoing messages as noted above. Note: Receiving an email alert stating that the virus came from your email address is not necessarily an indication you are infected. Mass-mailing viruses often forge (or "spoof") the from address.

What can I do?
Besides keeping your anti-virus protection current, fortify your PC security by installing McAfee Personal Firewall Plus — recommended against threats like W32/Sober@MM!M681 that need Internet access to spread.

How do I find out more?
Go here.

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