Visual Source Safe 2005

November 7th, 2005 was the official release date for the Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, and the less talked about BizTalk. Combined within the VS suite is the latest release of source safe, Visual Source Safe 2005, used to manager source code versions. The new release of VSS has not been talked about much, not even by the MS team that developed the product. So in an effort to do the new VSS release some justice, listed below is a brief summary of the new features.
  • Remote access using HTTPImproved LAN speeds, especially when used with Visual Studio
  • Data storage has increased to 4GB
  • View file history date/time, with respect to local time zone
  • Allows third party plug-ins/editors for comparing source code and document differences.
  • Managed Code Extensibility that allows better integration with Visual Studio 2005
  • Unicode and XML supportProject Enhancements that allow synchronizing renamed or deleted files within VS.
For more information, visit the VSS home page at


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