Ajax Examples

I recently found a few helpful articles on CodeProject.com, discussing various ways of using Ajax.

Using Ajax.NET Pro in a SharePoint Web Part
The article describes how to configure Ajax.NET Pro with SharePoint so that it can be used in Web Parts.

Introduction to Anthem.NET
How to do AJAX without writing any JavaScript.

Magic AJAX: Applying AJAX to your existing Web Pages
How to apply AJAX technologies to your web pages without replacing ASP.NET controls and/or writing JavaScript code.

An Introduction to AJAX Techniques and Frameworks for ASP.NET
This article introduces AJAX to ASP.NET developers implementing an example web page in different ways using ASP.NET Atlas, ASP.NET callbacks, Ajax.Net, Anthem.Net and MagicAjax.Net.

Simple AJAX implementation for ASP.NET Web applications
The article describes a simple approach of implementing AJAX functionality in ASP.NET web applications.


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