Recovering data from a crashed hard drive

Q: I have an external USB hard drive that is no longer showing up as an active volume. What can I do to recover the data from the drive?

A: There are several tools on the market to assist with recovering data from a crashed drive. Listed below are a few of these tools.


Mark Harr said…
You might consider just removing the drive and trying it another enclosure. You can the USB enclosures without drives for about $20-30 at CompUSA and the like. ( for 2.5 inch drives, for 3.5 drive)

I have had 2 USB drive enclosures stop working, but the drives was fine and continues to work in another enclosure. I am working with a client that uses name brand USB/Firewire enclosures for image archiving (radiology images), and they have 1-2 drive enclosures die each month, out of 25-30 in use. it appears to be a common problem with these devices, both name brand and off-brand.

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