*** Great Lakes Geek Freebie Software - Today Only ***

*** Great Lakes Geek Freebie Software - Today Only ***

Download NTI Ninja software free on 9/26NewTech Infosystems (NTI) is making their new Ninja software - a USB data storage and protection software solution - available free.Unlike most fixed partition USB software, NTI Ninja allows users to adjust the size of their public and private partitions on their portable storage device. In addition, the software provides users with complete storage area anti-tamper encryption and password protection.The new software was developed to meet the dramatic increase in today's mobile workforce, the increased use of USB storage devices and the need to protect content and data from being stolen or compromised on the small, portable devices.Get it on the 26th for free or pay $24.95 after that.The link is at http://www.greatlakesgeek.com

*** More Freebies ***
While you are in the mood for free stuff, check out the Free Book on Security Engineering. Ross Anderson is a professor of security engineering at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and an acknowledged expert in the field. His book, Security Engineering, is now available online for free download (chapter by chapter) even though it's still for sale http://www.greatlakesgeek.com/glg/tips.htm And you can win a free copy of O'Reilly's Podcasting Hacks - Tips & Tools for Blogging Out Loud.

Check the news at http://www.greatlakesgeek.com
Thanks to Great Lakes Geek sponsors Aztek Technology, BEST Group Management Consultants, Boundless Flight, Hahn Loeser and O’Reilly Publishing. They get it. Do you? Want to join them and reach lots of business and tech professionals? Drop us a line.


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