What is WinFX?

Q: What is WinFX?

A: WinFX is an Object Oriented set of APIs that leverage the .Net Framework and expose that breadth of the Longhorn OS to developers. WinFX contains .Net Framework(FW) and is available in managed code. It builds on and extends the .Net FW

As the name may suggest, WinFX consists of 2 major parts:
1. WIN (Windows): Win32 APIs.
2. FX (Framework): speaks to .Net Framework

There are 4 Portions of WinFX
1. Presentation
2. Data
3. Communications
4. Fundamentals

In addition, WinFX offers functionality from other systems:
  • Avalon fucntionality is in the System.Windows namespace. This is the new presentation SubSystem for Longhorn.
  • ASP.Net and Indigo functionality are both in the System.Web namespace. Indigo is the new technology for web services.
  • WinFS functionality is in the System.Storage namespace. It contains relational aspects of the file system.
  • Yukon Functionality for database access is in System.Data.SQL Server namespace


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