Microsoft support for classic ASP and VB6

Q: Do you know the date when Microsoft will end support for classic Asp and VB6?

A: Primary support ended in April of 2005 for those products. They are currently in the "extended support lifecycle" which means that we only provide free security fixes. That will be ending next year in April and then there will only be the "online" support of KB articles that are already published.

If you have a customer still using them, I highly recommend you upgrade them, as that technology just isn't up to the task of dealing with Today's types of security, scalability or reliability requirements.

Thanks to Bill Steele (Microsoft) for providing this info first hand.


Mark Harr said…
However, according to Microsoft's Support Statement for Visual Basic 6.0 on Windows® Vista, VB runtime will be supported on Vista and Longhorn for the life of those platforms, 10 years minimum. Also, the VB IDE is promised to be tested and supported on Vista.

I don't beleive that this contradicts Bill's statement. This is support still under extended support. But MS appears to commit that VB apps will continue on Vista and Longhorn for the life of those platforms (min 10 years).

So we should be able to feel assured that a program written now, will run on the new platforms.
Dejim said…
Support ended JUST for VB6 right? Classic ASP isn't included and is still supported right?

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