Toughest Developer Puzzle Ever

So you think you're a hot shot developer able to resolve every problem that comes your way. Put your skills to the test by visiting The site offers 100 levels of varying difficutly. To maneuver through the levels, you have to examine the page for cllues that will allow you to go to the next levels. Some pages have a hidden link, others require you change the URL manually, etc.

The site is scheduled to launch on May 31 and offers great prizes for the first 100 people to complete it, with excpetionally great prizes for the first 5! Put your thinking caps and visit!


Barry said…
From real life, it strikes me that the tougher developer puzzle is not to write code that is obtuse, but to write code that is clear enough that even your cat could maintain it.
Ray said…
Meow to that!

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