Array of Tuples

Q: How would use tuples in C# 4.0 to create an array of tuples containing various types of data (i.e. Employee Name, Employee ID#)?

A: Listed below is a sample code snippet to implement an array of tuples.

//Array of Tuples (i.e. EmpName, EmpIDNum)
Tuple[] EmpRecs =
Tuple.Create("Sam Nasr", 891),
Tuple.Create("Jim Smith", 358),
Tuple.Create("Lisa Jones", 962)

string FirstEmpName = EmpRecs[0].Item1;

string SecondEmpName = EmpRecs[1].Item1;
int SecondEmpIDNum = EmpRecs[1].Item2;

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Ray said…
Is that JSON?
ClevelandDotNet said…
No, it's not JSON, it's simply C#.
mab said…
I love tuples but the python syntax is so much simpler and easier than C#.

mytuples = [
('Sam Nasr', 891),
('Jim Smith', 358),
('Lisa Jones', 962)

print mytuples[0][0]
print mytuples[1][0]
print mytuples[1][1]

Sam Nasr
Jim Smith

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