DotNetNuke Follow-up Questions

Listed below are follow-up questions from our last user group meeting on DotNetNuke.

Q: What are the System Requirements for DNN?
A: Win2003 server, IIS, ASP.Net 2.0

Q: Does DNN install as a "web-site" or does it take over IIS?
A: DNN installs as a simple web site application. Installation in simple, and by Default it installs with SQL Server Express.

Q: Can DNN sites be crawled by internet search engines?
A: DNN sites can be crawled. The menu actually checks the HTTP user agent string to see if a spider is hitting the site and presents an alternative menu to make it easier for the spider to crawl the site.

Q: Is everything stored in the DB, much like SharePoint?
A: Most items are in the DB, much like SharePoint. Some organizations do DB migrations to move all content. There are some .JPG files or other resource files that are not stored in the DB directly. For the most part, everything is stored in the DB.

Q: Can SharePoint or ASP.Net 2.0 web parts be incorporated into DNN without customization? A: Web parts will not work without modification.

Q: What DBs does DNN support out of the box?
A: The databases supported are SQL Express, and SQL Standard to Enterprise. There are also third party data providers available for Oracle and MySQL.


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